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Every year in February, my husband and I plan a vacation getaway (usually to Mexico;) This is the time of year when we've had enough of the cold and snow in Northeast Ohio and are in much need of warm sunshine and one on one time. Which means its bathing suit shopping season ladies. I can already hear the collective groan...

Here's what's working against us at present moment: First, it's winter and so many of us haven't seen the sun in MONTHS! Hello dry, pale skin. Secondly, if you're a mom with young kids, getting out to the mall or trying on bathing suits with kids in tow is near impossible. Third, pregnancy and age do some funky things to a woman's body. Yes, it's beautiful and natural, but I still want to look and feel young, especially when I'm in a bathing suit. So as a mom, we need to spend extra time looking for the right style, cut, color and fabric to help us feel most confident.

When I need inspiration, I turn to Pinterest, Instagram and apps, then I go to Amazon. As an Amazon Prime member, I can search for and buy suits from the comfort of my own home, have them delivered in 2 days, with FREE shipping & FREE returns on many items. I don't have to go out to a store (with my kids) pick through a narrow selection of items that were designed for an 9 year old girl or a 95 year old grandma. Either way, the whole shopping experience has changed now that I have kids (and a mom bod that I work hard on but needs daily love!).

Check out a few fun styles below! I champion women of all ages, shapes and colors. Age is just a number. If a one-piece looks and feels amazing on you, ROCK IT! But don't cover yourself up just because you think that's what moms are supposed to do. FORGET THAT! Live your life!

Here are my stats so that you can get a sense of sizing and cut: I'm 5'5" and approximately 138 pounds. I have a long torso and short muscular (thick) legs. I'm a 34DDD on top, which makes buying a set challenging, but not impossible. I'm partial to bikini's because I feel more confident and they just fit me better. So, now that I laid all of that out, onto the suits!

I love all of the different styles and colors, especially for a tropical beach vacation! All of these suits have a nice quality feel, especially for the low price, gotta love that. I wear a MEDIUM in all suits, but double check the sizing across brands as some differ greatly.

Happy shopping (from home) and enjoy your next vacation in one of these fun suits!

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