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I always knew I wanted to be a mom. When you're young, you don't understand the challenges, guilt, anxiety, and overwhelming love that comes with being a parent. I didn't understand it until I had my first son. I wasn't prepared to have a little person who needed me so much. I didn't know you had to teach babies to sleep (who knew?)! ย 3am feedings became the loneliest time of the day. I would search blogs and post on Facebook looking for someone who was awake and could relate. It brought me comfort just to read others' experiences.

Like most new moms, I googled a lot, I asked for recommendations, and enjoyed experiencing all the different emotions of being a mom; learning from others who had lived to see the other side of those early days. They all said 'it will get better' and 'you will feel like you again'.

I doesn't feel like it in the moment, but it does and you will.

I've had my own experiences over the past 7 years; and its true, you do find 'you' again, it's just a different you than before. It's someone better, which is scary and amazing at the same time. The days seem shorter, the workouts harder to get through, the wrinkles a little more visible... It takes a lot to keep it all together!

I have so much to share -- successes and failures, workouts and nutritional supplements, self care & productivity tips, and products that I love -- so I'm going to talk about it here!

I'm not "just" a mom. I'm a FABULOUS, FUN, AWESOME, SMART, HARDWORKING, and LOVING momma. It's my mission to help mommas with young kids at home find balance and self confidence thru fitness, nutrition, mom-hacks, and LOTS of margaritas!

Because life is crazy AND beautiful at the same time, and thank God for that.

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