Running is hard.

Running in the cold is harder.

Wearing exercise gear that was made for your sport, to protect you from the elements and keep you going, is key to training success!

With the cold weather holiday season approaching, shop these cold weather running favorites for yourself or the runner in your life.

When running in colder temperatures, pick items with sweat-wicking materials to keep your skin dry. And layer items to remove as you heat up. Start with a medium to heavy impact sports bra to keep the ladies securely in place. Layer with a fitted tank or long sleeve shirt. An added jacket or puffy vest can keep the chill out on frigid days. Leggings with hidden stash pockets can hold you phone, key, credit card or identification so there’s nothing you need to carry. If you run in the early morning or late evenings when it’s dark, select a pair that has light reflective detailing. Don’t forget a comfortable & supportive pair of running socks, and gloves for added warmth.

When it comes to running shoes, it's important to find a fit and style that works for your type of training. There are hundreds of general running shoes, but if you're trail running, or running indoors, you'll want a shoe specific to that activity to maximize your workout potential.

Your running outfit should work as hard as you do!

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