Become a Fitness Influencer

I'm looking for Fitness Influencers to join my team!

It's crazy to think about, but I started my Coaching business when I was 8 months pregnant with my 3rd child. At the time, I was committed to "get my body back" but needed a plan and support system to hold myself accountable. I never thought about becoming a fitness influencer, but by sharing my own postpartum fitness journey, I've inspired others to do the same.

At the time, I didn't see the big picture of what this opportunity could do for my mindset or how it would fill me with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. I didn't have any professional certifications or know how to start a business, but I trusted my Coach and enrolled her mentorship program with an open-mind.

I started receiving messages from old high school friends I hadn't heard from in years.

I started earning WEEKLY paychecks and rank advancing in my business.

And I started feeling ownership and confidence in telling my story truthfully so that others could see that IT CAN BE DONE!

If you’re interested in helping people achieve their goals and enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives, becoming a Fitness Influencer might be a path to consider.

Team Beachbody Coaches do just that — and they earn an income while building a fulfilling business!

As a Team Beachbody Coach, you not only help people reach their health and fitness goals by creating Challenge Groups and introducing them to healthier nutrition choices, you also get to set your own schedule and be your own boss.

If helping change the world one healthy decision at a time — and the possibility of earning trips to tropical locations like Punta Cana — sounds like something you’d like to pursue, please click the link below to apply and I will contact you soon!

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