Home workouts have been around forever, but never have they been this relevant. When you think of "boxing", you might be flooded with images of Rocky, but it's one of the most popular forms of exercise because of its total body burn and ability to shred your muscles. When I was training for softball back in high school, it was Billy's Bootcamp. Today, this home boxing workout is transforming our home gyms into a boxing ring!

In every day life, aggression is highly frowned upon (especially if you're a woman). So if you're given the opportunity and encouragement to channel that aggression or frustration into a total body workout, you totally go after it! When you're boxing, you're fighting for your life in the ring. You don't have to be ladylike. No one cares if you're sweating or not wearing makeup. It's just you versus your opponent, whatever struggles are weighing hard on your heart.

For most people, it's intimidating to walk into a boxing gym. And if you want to find a great boxing workout and don't want to spend a ton of money on a personal trainer, THIS home boxing workout is for YOU!

With every punch, you're engaging your entire body.

When you imagine fighting all that is weighing you down, you engage your heart, spirit, and strength too.

It's intense, but it's also a lot of fun, and extremely effective.

Just check out these incredible transformations in just 6 weeks!

What is 10 Rounds?

This 6-week-program is built around the simple, precise, and effective principles of boxing - without the impact.

Joel Freeman, Creator and Trainer, leads you through 3 days of boxing training and 2 days of strength-building workouts with weights that will help you get a true, full-body transformations, with 2 stretch and recovery days built into each week.

  • Each boxing workout is broken into 10 rounds lasting 3 minutes, with 45 seconds of rest between each round. GET READY TO SWEAT!
  • The two lifting workouts are broken into upper body strength and lower body power training.

This is an intermediate fitness level program with workouts progressing in difficulty over the 6 weeks and lasting 30-40 minutes.

10 Rounds Bus

What makes 10 Rounds different from the other programs Beachbody has to offer?

Yes, other kickboxing workouts have been done before, but never like this.

Each workout features upbeat, energetic music that will get your body moving and fists flying. The goal is to get you motivated to match the pace of the beats to boost your cardio and burn even more calories.

The entire program was shot on the road with Joel and his cast. Each week features a new city with new workouts filmed in select, iconic boxing gyms and locations around the country.

Results start in the kitchen

Nutrition accounts for 80% of your body composition and physique. Eating a balance of the right foods will help fuel your performance and results during this program. This means drinking your daily Shakeology, which is packed with a potent blend of proteins, prebiotics, probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals — and taking your Beachbody Performance Energize before your workout to help boost energy and endurance, and Recover post workout to help promote muscle protein synthesis and growth and support your body’s recovery with critical protein.*‡

The program comes with the Beachbody Guide to Nutrition, with guidance on how to create healthy, sustainable eating habits for lasting wellness, fitness, and weight loss.

Keeping your nutrition dialed in throughout all six weeks is key to getting incredible results from 10 Rounds.

Get started with this home boxing workout today!

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