Last year my friend Aimee hosted an amazing Taco party for our friend Andrea’s birthday. Tacos are one of the world’s most amazing inventions. There are no rules when it comes to tacos, so a taco party sounded like the perfect theme. I searched on Pinterest for taco inspired birthday cakes and came across this gem. I read the instructions and it seemed easy enough. Wrong. Thankfully I’m resourceful and my taco cake ended up being a HUGE delicious success (see left), but I’ve listed a few tips for the brave who want to create this for your next party.

Taco Birthday Cake | My Crazy Beautiful Life

Tips for Taco Cake Success:

  1. I purchased Betty Crocker Yellow Cake Mix, 15.25 oz, which would ultimately create the shell of the taco. I made the mistake of using all of the batter to bake 1 round cake, which made for a thick shell that was heavy to stand up. I suggest baking 2 round cakes instead. Once baked and completely cooled in the refrigerator, take one round cake and cut in half. You can use the other round cake to make another taco cake or throw away.
  2. You will 3 tubs of frosting for this cake! I only had 2 on hand and needed to make an extra trip to the store, so plan wisely. I got vanilla frosting so that I had the flexibility to mix ingredients or add food coloring as needed.
  3. To start, spread a thick layer of frosting between the 2 halves of yellow cake and sandwich them together. Before standing the cake up spread some frosting on the bottom of your platter, which will secure your cake in place. Then stand your cake up flat side down on the platter.
  4. Next, take another tub of frosting and add several drops of yellow food coloring. This will be used to coat both sides of your taco. You may need another half tub of frosting to completely cover the yellow cake.

Finish Your Cake With Some Tasty Toppings!

  1. By this point, your cake is starting to look like a taco! To create the “taco meat filling” buy some Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (19.1-Ounce Family Size Package). Put 10-12 in a Ziplock bag and roll with a rolling pin to grind them up. Use a spoon or spatula to add the crumbled Oreos around the center part of your taco. This can get messy!
  2. For ease, I purchased a tube of Betty Crocker Easy Flow Icing-Green, 6.4 oz to create the “taco lettuce”, you can squeeze your desired amount to the top of the taco.
  3. Lastly, I just bite-sized Twizzlers for the “taco tomatoes” on top.

Leave them wanting more!

The taco cake was delicious, especially paired with all the other Mexican-inspired cuisine like Doritos and Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supremes (what can I say, we’re a classy bunch!) If you’re brave enough to try this, share your pictures!