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Home Workout Equipment

For busy parents with small kids at home, getting out to the gym or fitness class can be a challenge. And when daily exercise tops your "non-negotiable list" then home workouts are a great option!

Setting up your home gym does not need to cost thousands of dollars. Contrary to popular beliefs, you don't need a lot of fancy equipment to get a great workout. Many workouts can be done using your own body weight. But for those of you who want to take your home workouts to the next level with added intensity, check out these home gym essentials.

A Set of Light/Medium/Heavy Dumbbells

Probably the most common home workout staple is a set of dumbbells. To start, you'll need a set of light, medium, and heavy dumbbells. If you are a beginner to intermediate level in your fitness journey, you'll want to start with a low weight and move up gradually. I love this set of 3 dumbbells in 2-pounds, 3-pounds, and 5-pound sizes. (This size is perfect for those doing the Barre Blend program!)

As you get stronger, you can add to your weight collection one size at a time or buy a complete set at once. During any given workout, you'll likely only use 2-3 sets at a time. At this point in my fitness journey, and depending on the program I'm doing, I use 3-pounds all the way up to 25-pounds.

A Set of Resistance Bands & Loops

This is one of the less common pieces of equipment, but there are so many reasons why I highly recommend them. First, they are inexpensive and can add intensity to your stretching and Pilates or Yoga workouts. Second, they are light-weight and can be taken in your carry-on luggage while traveling so there are never any excuses not to get your workout in.

Resistance loops are circular bands that can go around your wrists, ankles or thighs during a workout for added intensity. I use the 12" bands that come in various resistance levels. You can start with one and switch them out as you get stronger, even doubling up as needed!

There are Resistance Bands that are a bit longer and have handles. These bands can be used in place of dumbbells and are used for advanced home Pilates workouts (Check out 21 Day Fix Extreme!).

And a last optional item for your home gym is the Pull-up Resistance Loops that can be used for strength training and can help you improve your form and get stronger in your pull-ups on the bar.

All of the loops come in various resistance levels and I recommend getting light, medium, heavy to allow you to increase strength.

Yoga Mat

For Yoga, Pilates, Barre, and Stretch style workouts.

Floor Slides

For added balance and stability workouts.

Chin-Up Bar

Fits conveniently in a door frame.

Depending on the workout program you're starting with, you will not need all of these pieces of equipment at the same time, so don't feel like you need to go out and buy everything all at once! Add to your home gym over time as you need to.

The last piece, and most essential piece, to complete your home gym is a workout program that you love and WANT to do each day. A simple DVD from the drug store isn't going to keep you engaged and excited enough to stick with it. This is why I highly recommend Beachbody on Demand. Think of this as the Netflix of home workout programs. You enroll in a quarterly or monthly subscription, download the app to your phone, tablet, laptop or SmartTV, select your program, access all of your program materials, and PUSH PLAY! It's that simple!

If you need a recommendation on where to get started, complete the info in this form, and I'll contact you about a personalized plan for you!

Now, let's get to work!