Right before the holidays, I started my Nerium side hustle business. What's a "side hustle business" you ask? Susie Moore, #1 best-selling author of "What if it DOES work out?", defines it as "A business that generates real cash, as you run it in your free time. It gives you the flexibility to pursue the career of your dreams."

I've been in a negative place in my day job and have been looking for ways out. Quitting with no back up plan is not an option; it just doesn't feel right considering we just bought a new house and car last year. Starting this blog was my first step to pursuing something else, something that I actually enjoyed doing.

How I Got Started On My Side Hustle

Nerium was introduced to me by one of my sorority sisters from Baldwin Wallace College. After trying several of the products, procrastinating and rationalizing for more than a year, I took the jump. It was so simple! I thought - if other people could be successful at this, why couldn't I? If others were building up enough income in their side hustle business to quit their day jobs, why couldn't that be me?

Here are the basics:

  • Try and use products that are scientifically tested, patented and have proven results!
  • Share these products with your family and friends via social media, product parties, one to one meetings or good old fashioned phone calls!
  • When 3 of them sign up as Preferred Customers - you earn your own products for free.
  • You get paid for sharing these remarkable products.
  • Build a team by sharing successes and benefits of this great company! Earn as they earn!
  • There are no monthly quotas, no inventory purchase requirements.

To me, the risk was low and the benefits extremely favorable. At minimum, I'm improving my own skin and body by using the products every day. At best, I'm creating a positive business for myself, selling products I believe in, having fun, and building financial freedom for my family.

Start YOUR Side Hustle Today!

I have a vision of my life and its not working to pursue the dreams of other people, for others who don't care about my passions, my talents, my dreams. This was my first step to achieving my goals. If this sounds like you, I have an opportunity waiting!