If you've been paying attention over the last few years (and trust me, it's hard to pay attention when you have toddlers to chase around), BARRE workouts have become THE go-to classes for women who want low-impact exercises and to build long, lean muscles. Celebrities like Gisele Bundchen, Carrie Underwood, and Jennifer Aniston, who credit their lean physiques to ballet barre style workouts, have propelled the popularity of this once niche fitness style into the latest workout craze.

What is BARRE?

Barre workouts are a unique fusion of classic ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training incorporated. Most classes incorporate a ballet barre or chair for stability, resistance loops, and a light set of weights (1-5lbs). Barre also focuses on high reps of small range movements to fatigue your muscles through the "burn zone".

What makes BARRE different from other workouts?

Although barre workouts are fast-paced to maintain an elevated heart rate, they are also low-impact, which means they're effective and safe for almost everyone. Each workout consists of toning different muscle groups to the point of fatigue, followed by dynamic and static stretches to lengthen the muscles. Another benefit and differentiator is the balance training that's incorporated throughout the class (like balancing on your tippy toes); balance training helps strengthen your core, improve coordination, and prevent against injury.

Brunette balancing at ballet barre in home gym

What makes these workouts beneficial for women?

Barre is so beneficial for women of all ages and fitness levels because it targets all the areas that women struggle with—the core, arms, thighs, and booty. The small isometric strength training method used in Barre exercises helps women build strength quickly and efficiently. In addition, Barre is safe and effective for women during both pregnancy and postpartum, with modifications available for all exercise positions.


While I support group fitness classes, being a busy mom of three small children, I don't always have the time or childcare to get out to barre class at a local studio. Additionally, classes at a studio in my area can range from $15-$25 per class, making it an expensive workout if you wanted to do this type of workout several times per week. Thankfully, Beachbody launched an all-new AT HOME barre workout program called BARRE BLEND. Here are a few reasons I personally love and recommend this program to women.


As I mentioned, when it's not possible to get out of the house, having an at home streaming service with access to your workouts 24/7 is so convenient. I like to fit my workouts in first thing in the morning before the kids wake up, but since I don't have to drive anywhere, I can literally do them anytime - while the baby's napping, while my kids are eating their snack, or after I put them to bed.


Trying a new program can be intimidating, especially a barre program that is rooted in classical ballet. Although this workout can be completed by anyone, with or without ballet training, there is a learning curve that could have you stumbling and fumbling during class. Not to worry! There's a complete "Getting Started Guide" on Beachbody on Demand and a glossery of ballet terms used throughout the program. Enjoying these workouts from the privacy of your own home helps you focus on the workout, less on what the others in the class are thinking about you.

Elise Joan at the Barre

Super Trainer Elise Joan has more than a decade in barre, dance, and physical fitness experience; and IT SHOWS! I've tried other popular Barre classes at studios all over the US, I've found this Trainer and this program to be just as good, IF NOT BETTER, than what I've paid a lot more for. Elise likes to have fun, practice self expression and self love. She is motivating, uplifting and so strong, its hard not to love her (and secretly envy her long lean physique #girlcrush!)


Each 30- to 40-minute, full-body workout is designed to help you get leaner, stronger, and more flexible, with defined arms, a tight core, and a firm, lifted booty. Paired with a portion controlled and balanced nutrition plan, members of the test group saw some amazing results.

Check out the Barre Blend results below.

Marina Barre Blend Results
Marina Lost 15.8 Pounds and 10.75 Inches
Alana Barre Blend Results
Alana Lost 27.6 Pounds and 13.5 Inches
Tanika Barre Blend Results
Tanika Lost 2.6 Pounds and 4 Inches

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